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own-your-thoughts300That tool you might ask, “is what”?  Well, simply put……… Your THOUGHTS!

Nothing can be brought into form without first Creating it in your Mind.  NOTHING!

Most of us, at least one point in our life, have believed that Life just happens to us.  That we have no control as to Life’s circumstances.  It’s just bad luck.  We don’t ever seem to catch a break.

Yet, my observations and communications with these “unlucky” people . . .  the ones with such supposedly bad luck, is that they believe Life is unfair.

If you are one of these people, then I … Read the rest

Stressed“Like the stars you twinkle and catch my eye pulling my focus to a new way.
Where a woman can give fully from her heart again and again and again.
She can create power and abundance in her world from her own internal supply.
Yes she can be disciplined and knowledgeable, yet natural and free.
Blazing on and on and on in speed unbounded in potential and laughter.
A reflection that brightens the midnight sky illuminated for all a shinier way to be.”

One of the women that I worked with wrote the above poem for me as a gift.… Read the rest

Super-Green-Detox-Drink250Intuitively you know it’s time to pick up your health game. Everyday, or most everyday, you wake up feeling tired before your day even begins. You experience a chronic cough. Maybe stiff joints.

Perhaps lower back pain or belly bloat. Maybe even moodiness, brain fog and/or poor concentration… and it’s impacting your productivity at work, in your life, in your relationships and at home.

Feeling less than great is your new normal and you don’t like it. You want to feel energetic again. You want to be able to exceed the results you once were able to consistently produce.

You … Read the rest